Montonio instalments: one application – several offers

Use Montonio installments – with one application you can receive offers from several creditors.
Add the products you want to your basket and select Montonio Financing as your payment method.
Choose the contract period that suits you and fill in the application.
Thanks to the instalment plan you will receive offers from several lenders.
Choose the offer that suits you best and sign the contract.

Payment in instalments:
Amount to be financed by instalments EUR 100-10 000.
Period between 3-60 months
Interest rate from 9,9%

Credit intermediary service provider is Montonio Finance OÜ.
Monthly payment amounts to EUR 46,71 and annual interest rate of 22,55% based on the following standard conditions:
Loan amount €500, 0% down payment, repayment period 12 months, interest of 9.9% per annum on the original amount,
contract fee 2% of the amount, monthly management fee 0.0% per month of the purchase amount.
The total repayment amount is 560.52 euros.
Consult a specialist if necessary.